Board Members

Susan Elko, President
A veteran Chester County volunteer, educator and longtime supporter of The Barn, Susan brings years of experience to the position of Board President. Her leadership has proven invaluable to our continued development.

Mary Beth Drobish, Founder
As Founder, Mary Beth’s vision and passion for our mission is incorporated in all that we do.

August Gerhardt, Treasurer
August is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager with Pennsylvania Trust. He earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a great asset to The Barn.

Francis Abbott III

Carol Atterbury
Carol’s deep love for animals and particular interest in their relationship with children is what brought her to serve The Barn. Her commitment has been longstanding and deeply valued.

Heather Carlino

Sharon Cichocki
Sharon chose to volunteer her time at The Barn after observing the positive impact relationships with animals had on her own children.  A believer in our mission, and an experienced volunteer leader,  she has committed to serve as Board President beginning in 2019.

Ann Lim
Ann is an experienced teacher and mother of two and brings a world of knowledge to The Barn, particularly in regards to programming for children and families.

Leanne McMenamin
A lifelong equestrian, Leanne’s love of horses and all animals lead her to serve with us at The Barn.  She brings a deep passion and commitment to to helping area non-profits succeed.

Lucia Morris

John Rafferty

Lucas Saunders
Luke is Vice President of Marketing and Client Development at Pennsylvania Trust.  His unique skill set helps The Barn in many ways including technology, marketing, development and fundraising.

Karen Schneck
Karen is a former elementary teacher and administrator. Her background in education and interest in helping children drive her passion for involvement with The Barn.

Advisory Board Members:

Franny Abbott
Page Buck
William Dugdale
Alan Elko
Craig Kalemjian
John Lee
Suzanne Levy
Robert McNeil
Dr. James Orsini
Joseph Schorn